network coverage

1. South Korea (97%):

South Korea ranks first in the world for the best mobile internet. It has both the highest average mobile speed and the best coverage. Mobile data speeds reach up to 93.84 Mbps, and South Korean 4G covers 97% of the country.

2. Qatar:

Qatar ranks second with a speed of 83.18 Mbps, which isn’t close to South Korea but is still incredibly fast. However, in terms of coverage, Qatar is decent but not on the same level as other countries on the list.

3. United Arab Emirates:

While the internet coverage in Qatar is slightly better than the UAE, in terms of speed, the UAE is ahead. Users get an average rate of 86.35 Mbps.

4. Canada (88%):

Canada ranks fourth on this list due to its blazing fast speed of 74.42 Mbps, and very high coverage of 88%. Nearly everywhere in Canada, people enjoy incredibly fast internet speeds.

5. Netherlands (92.8%):

The Netherlands is the highest-ranking country from Europe. It earns the spot because of an average speed of 70.22 Mbps and a very high coverage of 92.8%. However, positioning in Europe changes frequently.

6. Norway (73%):

Norway follows the Netherlands closely with an average 4G speed of 68.14 Mbps. However, its coverage exceeds the Dutch by 3%, with 73% of the country covered. These two countries frequently switch rankings on the best mobile internet lists.

7. Australia (90.3%):

The land down undertakes the 7th spot on the list, due to its 4G coverage of 90.3%. Given the size of Australia, that’s very impressive. Users can expect a speed of 64.04 Mbps around the country.

8. Singapore:

You can see that the list is dominated by Asian countries, showcasing their leadership in the telecommunication industry. Singapore takes the 8th spot due to an average internet speed of 55.11 Mbps.

9. Taiwan (92.8%):

Taiwan follows Singapore on the list with a speed of 44.54 Mbps and a very impressive 4G coverage of 92.8%. While several countries around the world offer faster speeds, their coverage is not on the same level.

10. United States (93%): The United States rounds off the list with its incredibly high coverage of 93%. If internet speeds grow faster, the United States will quickly shoot up the rankings. However, currently, you can expect average speeds of 41.93 Mbps.