Many Pi friends have compared the main altered image of the Pi app to a photo of Ayers Rock, Australia. Ayers Boulder is the largest boulder in the world, and at 3000 meters long and 384 meters high, it is the largest boulder in the world and is also called the navel of the earth. This stone is located in Australia and locals liken it to the heart of Australia because its position in Australia is the same as the position of the heart in the human body.

If Ayers Rock and Pi are compared, Pi can be compared to the center of the crypto world, and perhaps it can be compared to the heart of the crypto world.

What to watch out for when KYC comes?

  1. KYC will initially test on a small scale, update the program version, and release more batches after passing the test.
  2. When the miner receives the KYC invitation notification, a dialog box with the word KYC pops up on the APP homepage and can start authentication.
  3. Pioneers who have submitted KYC documents will have to wait for a while, and the available coin balance will enter the mainnet wallet and become consumable coins.
  4. Waiting times for pioneers to submit their KYC documents are not consistent, some days faster, some weeks slower.
  5. If the KYC document is not passed, the account will not be destroyed and you will be given an opportunity to appeal again! The project team focused on fake account scripting (use software to control lightning bolts or send APP clones, turn on lightning lights for multiple accounts on one phone)!

In the future, the development of the Pi market, ecological construction and reflection of values ​​and prices cannot avoid the entry of capital. The next few months are a period when a lot of capital can get into the Pi! This is an important time to shape the layout of the Pi ecosystem! But as ordinary Pi miners, all we have to do is touch the lightning every day and work to mine more.