The devices that are used in the network are called network devices, some of the important network devices are listed below:

• Hub

• Switch

• Bridge

• Router

• Repeater

• Gateway

• Modem


Hub is a networking device that is used to connect multiple computers or other networking devices in a series of connecting ports with computers and other devices are connected. It transfers data to all computers on the network.


The switch is similar to a hub that has a series of ports for connecting computer and networking devices. It sends the data to the destination computers only so it is an intelligent device. It is very popular nowadays and used in Star topology.


A bridge is a networking device that joins a segment of a similar network or dissimilar network that uses the same protocol. It helps to reduce traffic and improve network performance.


Router is a network connecting device that connects multiple networks having the same protocol. It can select the best path for transferring data among multiple parts.


Repeater is a device that regenerates or amplifies signals. It makes the weak signal strong so that they can travel a long distance.


The modem is a device that converts the digital signal into an analog signal and vice versa. The process of converting digital to analog signal is modulation and analog to digital signal is known as demodulation.


Gateway is a device or software that connects different networks having different protocols. It makes communication possible between two different networks.