MULTIMEDIA (Multimedia, its components and applications)

MULTIMEDIA (Multimedia, its components and applications)


Multimedia is the technology of presenting information in a more interesting, effective and understandable way

By the use of more than one media such as text, audio, video, picture, and animations, the information can be presented in an interesting and effective manner. Multimedia is composed of two words “multi” and “media” where multi means more and media means the way of presenting the information. Thus multimedia is the technology of presenting information with the combination of more than one media.


• It helps to share information effectively

• Multimedia is interesting and easy to use

• It makes teaching and learning effective 5 and easier

• It helps to create a virtual environment

• It is used to add special effects in movies, games, and in cartoons


• It is expensive

• It requires multimedia devices

• Skilled manpower is needed to operate a multimedia system

• It requires more storage

• It’s not reachable to all are


Multimedia contents are the collection of multimedia information, files, etc. in the combined form of text, image, audio, videos, and animation. Multimedia contents are mainly stored in CDs because they are cheaper and high storage capacity devices. Some of the popular multimedia CDs are Encyclopedia CDs, TOFEL CDs, IELTS CDs, tutorial and educational CDs, Oxford dictionary CDs, etc.

Interactive contents: Interactive multimedia contents provide some control and allow two way interaction with multimedia. For example, internet.

Non-interactive contents: It does not provide navigation controls and does not allow two-way interactions with multimedia content. For example, movies.


A Multimedia computer is a powerful computer that can handle all the contents of multimedia such as audio, video, picture, and animation. These computers are capable of creating, presenting manipulating storing, and retrieving multimedia content.

Hardware and software required for multimedia:

(i) Hardware:

High capacity computer

Sound card

Video card

Multimedia projector etc.

(ii) Software:


Adobe Photoshop

Corel DRAW

VLC media player etc.


1. Text

2. Audio

3. Video

4. Picture

5. Animation

1. Text

Text is the collection of letters numbers and symbols for representing information. It is the primary component of multimedia which can: be created and manipulated by multimedia computer system.

2. Audio

It is one of the important components of multimedia. It includes music, speech or other sounds that significantly support our understanding of information.

3. Video

Video is the necessary component of multimedia. Images in motion is called video. It is the recording and displaying of a sequence of images. A video camera is the most commonly used input device for capturing videos.

4. Picture

It is the digital image, drawing, photos that is a very interesting component. Images help to create more realistic information.

5. Animation

It is another important and interesting component which deals with the creation and displaying of a set of images. It presents the sequence of still images or artwork at a rapid speed that looks like a video.


• Multimedia in Education

• Multimedia in Business

• Multimedia in Entertainment

• Multimedia in Advertisement

• Multimedia in Internet

Multimedia in Education:

At present many schools and colleges are using multimedia in teaching and learning activities. Multimedia is used to give training and provide e-books. There is a lot of text and video content of learning materials available on the internet which can be used to enhance education.

Multimedia in Business:

Multimedia is used in business for different purposes such as presentation, training, marketing, advertising, product demos, communications, and so on. Business presentation is very important in every aspect of a business.

Multimedia in Entertainment:

Multimedia is widely used in the entertainment industry. It is especially used to develop special effects in movies and video games. Music and video apps are the most glaring example of the rise of multimedia in entertainment. The use of multimedia in the gaming industry made it possible to make interactive games.

Multimedia in Advertisement:

Multimedia advertising is the process of using animation and graphic design to market and sell a product or service. Multimedia is used to create and present an effective advertisement for the promotion of business. The major benefit of multimedia advertisement is that it catches the viewers’ attention very quickly.

Multimedia in Internet:

Multimedia is used in the internet for presenting information of websites very beautifully and effectively.