Computer Security Important Question Answer Computer Science

Computer Security Important Question Answer Computer Science

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Computer security, also known as cyber security, or information technology security (IT security), is the protection of computer systems and networks from disruption or misdirection of the services they provide by disclosing information, stealing or damaging their hardware, software, or electronic data. The field is becoming increasingly significant due to its continued reliance on computer systems, the Internet, and network standards, and the growth of “smart” devices, including smartphones and various devices. Due to the complexity of both technologies, cyber security is a significant challenge in the contemporary world.

1.  What is computer security?

Ans: The protection of computer and its data from being damaged or lost due to heat, fire, dust, or theft is known as computer security.

2.  What is hardware security?

Ans: Hardware security refers to the protection of computer hardware from being damaged due to dust, dirt, overheat, and smoke, etc.

3.  What are the hardware security measures?

Ans: The hardware security measures are listed below:

a. Regular maintenance of computer

b. Use of ID card

c. Insurance

d.Free from dust and dirt

e. Protection from fire

f. Protection from theft

g. Use of AC system

h. Use of power protection devices

4.  What is UPS? Mention its importance.

Ans: UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply is a power protection device that provides backup power to the computer system and helps to protect from data loss and damage to hardware.

Its importance is listed below:

It provides backup power to computer in absence of electricity.

It helps to save the computer data and hardware from being lost or damaged by preventing sudden shutdown due to power failure.

5. What is software security?

Ans: Software security refers to the protection of computer data and software from being lost due to virus, hacking, or deletion of data.

6.  What are the software security measure?

Ans: The software security measures are listed below:

a. Keeping password

b. Regular virus scanning

c. Backup

d. Using Scandisk

e. Use of firewall

f. Applying the fragmentation

7.  What is backup?

Ans: Backup is the process of creating duplicate data by copying it so that it can be used in case of data loss.

8.  What is scandisk?

Ans: Scandisk is the utility software that helps to fix the hard disk error and protect data loss.

9.  What is defragmentation?

Ans: The process of combining the scattered parts of files is known as defragmentation.

10.  What is a malicious code?

Ans: A malicious code is an unwanted code in a part of a program or a software that causes undesired effects and breaches security and leads to virus attack.

11.  What is cryptography?

Ans: Cryptography is the data and information security measures that converts the plain readable text like text message or email into unreadable code form.

12.  What is encryption?

Ans: Encryption is the process of converting readable text into unreadable code form.

13. What is decryption?

Ans: Decryption is the process of changing the encrypted data into readable text.